Asia Market Access has been established in 2003 by Peter Sieber to support SMEs from Europe and the United States in their market entry and marketing endeavors in Asia.  Asia Market Access provides sourcing services for finished products as well as for electric, electronic and mechanical components, parts and semi-finished products.

We are your "foot-in-the-door", your marketing arm, your representative office in Asia.  Located centrally in the Region in Hong Kong, the Geography covered by our company stretches from India to the Far East and Australia/New Zealand.

In May 2004, a branch office in Taipei was opened primarily for the marketing and sales of EMC Filters.  In addition to our very broad selection of standard products, we offer customized solutions to provide you the best fit for your specific needs.  Our imported products are among the leaders in their field and command worldwide commanding market shares as below:

  -  Energy system
ARTESYN  -  Power Supply

Excelsys -  Power Supply
UltraVolt  -  High Voltage DC Power Supply
HiTek  -  High Voltage DC Power Supply

EPCOS  -  EMC/EMI filters & PQ products (choke, reactor) & surge absorber, capacitor, NTC sensor, PTC sensor and pressure sensor

REISHAUER  -  Gear Grinding Machine, Multi Point Diamond Dressers

Maier  - Rotary Joint

Honeywell - Industrial Safety (US), Gas/ Flame Detection 

Piranha - Cooling nozzle system & Clamping Device   



To successfully enter and grow jointly with and on behalf of our partners in the still expanding Asian markets                                         

  • Establish jointly concepts, strategies and action plans to optimally benefit from the huge potential in this Region  
  • Implementation, control and supervision of plans and monitoring of progress
  • Support our partners in controlling, directing and marketing auditing of existing agent-, dealer- and distribution- networks
  • Provide a cost efficient solution to newcomers to the market in tackling the difficult, but rewarding task of capturing a slice of the regional market share
  • Provide first hand market information
  • Create a regular flow of marketing feedback
  • Provide know-how and support in setting up of local manufacturing and Joint-Ventures
  • Provide access to a vast array of manufacturing companies especially in China, who can provide finished products for different industries as well as parts,components and semi-finished products of mechanical, electric and electronic nature